Wednesday, December 24, 2008


OMD my mom sucks like so much she totally has not let us blog, we go on and on signing and sending cards for her and she's like "la de dah I guess I'll blog!" So when I got a package I was hopeful it was something like what Dixie got, something awesome, to make up for the lack of niceness and prezzies. Well guess what it was?

Tan Torkelson sent me that stupid bowl. Me and Dixie were REALLY upset. Now I can't eat fast, and now she can't eat my vom. Look how shocked and depressed she looks in the above picture.

It wasn't all that bad though, we got this book, which I don't even have to open because I know what kind of dog I am.

We kept coming back to the horror of the bowl. Tanner I will now call you Torture Tortureson.

The one like really redeeming good thing was this can that Tanner farted in!!!!!!!!!! Look at how his manly musk brought me and Dixie runnin' and sniffin'. Sorry Murphy and S-Dog, we just can't resist.

The farts were fantastic.

So Tanner Torturerson, thanks for the "prezzies." I will forgive you only because you sent your farts.


Nevis said...

Merry Christmas!!!!! And what a lovely post. Ha ha ha! Farts are so funny.

Joe Stains said...

I hope the fart potency dissipated a bit, they were some good ones he bottled for you. Good luck with that bowl, Tanner has gotten a bit better at eating out of his, but I still get to eat my whole meal in peace without him bugging me. I certainly love it.

Yours Truly said...

Doggy farts are the best! I wish that had been my present!
From, Marlene the Pug