Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sophie in the Doghouse

Sophie is in major trouble.

Yesterday morning, I was laying on the couch and she was on my chest. One of the Aflac commercials came on and the duck made his annoying noises, and Sophie decided to attack, as you can see above. She used my face as her launching pad (we don't go 20 minutes here without the girls freaking out at the TV) and I ended up with 2 scratches on my face and a HORRIBLE scratch on my lip. See the white area and red scratch? It's so swollen and hurts.

Guess which pug I'm currently not talking to?


Ruby and Penny said...

Uh oH. Those scratches look realy painful..
Hope you forgive Sophie soon.
Love Ruby & Penny

Salinger The Pug said...

Come's not Sophie's fault! It's that damn duck! Be mad at the duck!!!!

(How was that Sophie???)


Kelly said...

I was thinking that as a birthday present to me, you could forgive my BFF and let her out of the dog house?? Pleeeaaase!?

BRUTUS said...

Ouch! All I can say is mom knows how you feel. Similar problems here!! And when a 25 lb bowling-ball-of-a-bulldog launches himself off one's lap at warp speed, said person might have constantly have lots of bruises on their thighs (so much so that one's doctor got suspicious of spousal abuse!!). I'm just sayin.....

Guilty Snorts-
Brutus the Frenchie

Smushie Ranch said...

Uh oh! That scratch across your lip looks really painful.

We have the same problem in our house. At first it was kinda funny, but after awhile it got to be annoying. Also, Gunther launches himself off the couch and someday we're afraid he's going to really hurt himself. We finally hired a dog trainer recommended by our vet to work with the freakos. Just after one home visit it's working!

Soooo, don't be too mad a Sophie. Ya gotta give her kisses at some point. bol!


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! ouch!
Gus does stuff like that too when he is trying to play and god it hurts. Up my arms, legs and across my chest. :p

Stacy Walker said...

Oh I am sorry! That happens to me too with the dogs. Miley!

Stubby said...

Oh poor Kelly! Sophie didn't mean to hurt you. Maybe you can program you tv to mute the duck.

I used to have an Aflac duck but I broke his quacker. I wasn't that crazy about him but the quacker made me crazy!

Stubby xoxo

Pugsley and Lola said...

OMG!!! Sorry to hear that you got a scratch:( I am sure Sophie is very sorry!!

It must be the week to get in trouble. Pugsley was in BIG trouble this week too. He hiked his leg and peed on the couch!!!

Hope you are all happy again soon:)

agent99 said...

OOoops, Sophie's in trouble!

GEn & the Foo

Molly the Airedale said...

OUCH! That looks very sore! Geez, Sophie - go easy on your mom, wouldja!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Two French Bulldogs said...

moms are such babys huh?
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

It is clearly the duck's fault. ;)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ohhh doesn't be made at Sophie!
Those darn comericials are so loud and obnoxious,.
All that noise gets me upset too,and I go freak.
I hope your face and lip gets better- kisses will help it

Nevis said...

Yikes! I hope you neosporined it up.

Joe Stains said...

UH OH you did it now! At least the scratch Tanner did to Mom was covered by clothes, not on her FACE! said...

Darn that...don't read this out loud...afflack!

Puglette said...

owwie! i can totally sympathize with you, we have the same problem with the tv and both pugs. what is it with pugs and tv's? my tummy has so many scratches from charlie using it as a launch pad!
take care!

Dutch the Pug said...

Ouch! We hope dat sophie gets out of the doghouse soon! Happy 2010!

Emily and Ike said...

Sounds like a BAD SPORT to me!

Dana Orsborn said...

Ouch. you should write Aflac about
that duck. Tell them every time
your dog sees the commercial,
she becomes possessed with

-Dana & Penny

Vee said...

Hahaha, oh no. I'm loving your blog. Left you something on mine - check it out!

Paula said...

My Paisley is like that, such rude little puggies. Uses my chest for a spring board. Not sure why they have to be so anxious in getting to their destination, not like it is that many feet away and will get away from them.

Pug toenails hurt. I have fallen victim many times.