Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dixie got a surprise from her boyfriend...

WOW! My sister Dixie got a hugely great surprise today!

Murphy Dogg, Dixie's hunka hunka burnin' BT boyfriend, sent her something! We all went crazy over it.

You can see in these pictures Dixie let her tongue hang out most of the time, probably because she loves Murphy so much. Or because she's not all there. Anyways he sent her (aka us) his new CD!!! He enclosed a note saying that since she's his girlfriend, she should have a copy! WOOHOO! We don't have ANY CD's of our own except ones from Murphy! (He made her a mix tape a while ago!)

Look at the look of love on Dixie's face here.

We all crowded around but couldn't hear anything!!!! WTF!!! But then Mom put it in her computer and it played!!! One song had barking and we FREAKED OUT! And then one song Murphy sings and it is soooo funny! We had a great time listening to it.

Thanks so much Murphy for taking care of stupid Dixieboogerrrrrr!!!!!

Oh guess what peoples, tomorrow is our Mama's BARKDAY!!!!!!!!!! What should we get for her?!??!


Pug Posse said...

That's such a cool gift! Can we listen to it sometime?
Treat your Mama right tomorrow! Lots of pug kisses :-d
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Murphy Dogg said...

Glad you liked my first CD! You are now officially a band guy's girlfriend!
I think you should give your mom LOTS of attention, and run her a nice hot bubble bath.
But don't watch ... I know, I do it too, but for just this once, let her bathe alone. In peace. With a glass of wine. And a book.
Murphy Dogg

The Devil Dog said...

That is cool, you have a rock star for a boyfriend!

You need a gift for your mom? Most people would say peace and quiet, but I say that's boring. Wreck the house or something, something that would make your mom realize how lucky she is to have you.


Joe Stains said...

I haven't got my CD yet, I hope it gets here SOON!!!! You should get your Mom some peace and quiet, that is what my Mom is always asking for.