Saturday, November 1, 2008

SUPER-LONG Halloween/Meetup Entry!

Hi all! It's the pug mom here. This is going to be such a long/picture-heavy entry that I doubt the pugs have the stamina to even write a sentence. Last night on a whim I bought a pumpkin and carved it into a pug-kin! Check it out!

I used the pattern that April posted on her blog, Preppy Pugs. I am so grateful that she shared it with us!

Since no one guessed it, it's time for the big reveal... here is what the pugs went as!!!! THE THREE AMIGOS!!!!

It is a hilarious movie that I LOVE and that my dad used to love as well, so it was special to dress the pugs up as them. Here I am going to share a BUNCH of pictures from the meetup, since... WE WON THE COSTUME CONTEST!!! Go pug clan!!!! Picture captions are above each photo this time (I'm not very consistent with that from entry to entry... thought I'd help out this time!)

Below is one of the best pictures I got of them.

Even in "kids & pets" mode, my camera couldn't keep up with the "Three Pug-migos!"

"Ole!" It's Dixie and Sophie!

Laura has found a new obsession in Harles... how debonaire does he look here!?!

Salinger contemplates Sophie (and apparently, his sexuality, per Laura... uh oh Sophie!) when they first spy each other across the meetup!

This is the best picture I got of Apollo in his costume, the Frog Prince. He tied us for the costume prize, but we won by just a tiny bit in the tie-breaker. He was a great sport though! AND... all the proceeds (something like $83!) went to KPR!

The sombreros did not stay on the pugs for long... so I tried one on for size! PS- new glasses!!!!!! Thoughts?

Sophie... fail.

This is pretty much what the group looks like... lots of pug blurs. At least the cutie lobster stayed still for .5 seconds.

The cutest watchdog I've ever seen!!! CONGRATS ON 3RD PLACE IN PUNCHY'S CONTEST!!!!

My fave little ex-ottoman (she used to be a CHUNKER) Lilo dressed up as a "retired Hooter's girl!!!"

I brought my pug-kin carving to the meetup and actually gave it to Lilo's mama, since her mom's neighborhood does Trick-or-Treating tonight. Doesn't that little pirate-pug on the right resemble the pug in the carving!?

Sophie shakes it out after celebrating our big win!

Salinger's fam is just INSANE over Dixie. Here is his mom Laura with the bugg.

Next had to be Holden! Check out Dixie's crazy teeth! Holden was a mime for Halloween and even had a paddle to hold up that said "Trick or Treat!" on one side and "Thank you!" on the other! What a fun and creative idea!! That must be why Dixie likes him so much... trying to steal some of that brain power...

Of course Salinger's dad Kevin had to get in on the bugg action too...  who can resist that bugg-face!?!?!

Harley got super excited so he took a break with Brian... what a cutie!

I had to include this mystery-puggy because he or she is rocking the very same outfit that Pugsley would not wear!!!!

Here I am with the most adorable baby puppy pug. Her name was something like Lucy or LuLu... I am so bad with names (people and dogs) I just blank out and pay attention to the non-verbals... in this case, like HOW ADORABLE she was and how sassy and smart she was!!!

She already knew sit, down, and shake!!!!

Sophie, on the other hand, knows "beg." We don't even have to ask her to do it!

Here's Apollo and his momma!!!!! She brought us some pug treats to share and everyone really enjoyed them!

Salinger looks VERY happy to be out of his costume!

Harley and Dixie clearly see some pug consuming a pug treat across the park.

The lovely couple... Sophie and Salinger... aka "S-Girl" and "S-Dog!" Clearly they are holding hands!!!

Since it happens every time, here's a nose-guard picture of Dixie. I'd give this one an 8 out of 10.

Laura is in PUG HEAVEN!!!!!

Pippin here sure is cheezin' for the camera... he keeps saying that he's standing in the wings for when Salinger and Sophie's relationship doesn't work out... we're taking bets...

Dixie now joins the tired club... this was the longest meetup yet!

I am SO HAPPY we got to do this... this is a photoshoot of all the bloggers!!! It's Vikki of Pug Posse, me, and Laura of "Multum in Parvo" ...with a Cinnabon tail!

This is after I was tackled by all three of ours. Vikki clearly had the short end of the stick with 5 pugs to control. Laura, the mom of an only-pug, is helping by holding onto Jasmine.

Laura being a model!

Vikki is doing what we like to call "pug-wrangling!" Eli was all over her, giving her kisses the whole time!

This one is my favorite! Laughs all around! This is sort of like a mini blogger-meetup now that we all have blogs!

Dixie took the TOP OFF THE PUMPKIN!!!! It was hilarious!

When we got home, all the pugs passed out. This is our prize for winning- a PUGGY BANK!!! I was so excited since I had seen this online and just loved it. Thanks for voting for us, everyone at the meetup! We had a blast.

Now you guys are probably exhausted from this entry... go take a nap! And Happy Halloween once again! (Or, as the pugs say... Happy Halloweenie!)


Malissa said...

What a great entry. I LOVED the fam's costumes. So creative!! I was looking through all the photos, and it the one where Dixie Bugg is being held up I swear she has a touch of Yoda in her! Also a long time in coming, but congrats on the addition of a black boy pug. I have a black boy and they rule!

Punchbugpug said...

What a great post!!! The Three Amigos...hilarious!!!!

So cool you got to hook up with bloggers...5 Pugs to hold...4 is hard enough!

Molly the Airedale said...

The Three Amigos! What great costumes and we LOVED the Puggie carved pumpkins! Such talent!
What a great time you all had! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Salinger The Pug said...

CONGRATS on winning the costume contest (and for getting the most $$ for KPR!).

Thanks for letting us maul your Pugs yesterday! They're all so dang cute, but The Bugg has something "special" about her!

Your pics are great! You're right...squirmy pugs are the hardest thing in the world to get pics of!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday and give the 3 PugMigos kisses from all of us.

S-Dog's Peeps

PS. Tell Sophie that S-Dog is sorry for suffering from such sexual ambiguity.

Brill said...

That looked an amazing day!
I never got around to getting a pumpkin to carve :(

Joe Stains said...

OMDOG you guys look so GREAT BOL!!!!

Preppy Pugs said...

Great job on the pug pumpkin!!

The Devil Dog said...

Those are great costumes, and what a fabulous job you did on them. Congrats on wining first prize. Looks like you had a beautiful day with lots of fun,, pugs and costumes.
Bet everyone slept well after that.


Three Pugsketeers said...

What fantastic costumes! I LOVE that movie too; such a great idea and execution! Congrats!

Nevis said...

Fabulous photos! :) I looooove "The Three Amigos"'s one of my top 10 fav movies of all time! It is soooo hilarious! I remember when I took the Universal tours backlot tour in Hollywood, I remember exclaiming at one point, "Omg, we're in Santa Poco!!!" before the tour guide could say that. *laughing* I'm such a dork!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Oh I am so jealous! your pug meetup was awesome! mine was only a little more than an hour long... There was another halloween pug party last sunday but I couldn't attend because it was an hour away from home, in a park, and it was raining. I didn't want to take a chance to drive all the way there...
Did you make the costumes yourself? great job! I have to see that movie!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful costumes you guys had for Halloween! Great pictures XOXO Peanut