Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ansirz Frum Dah Bugg Gooroo

I did dah tinkin an I iz bak wit dah ansirz. It wuz not hard wit mah spektaculz.

Mah momma tuk diz pik, itz blurree bekuz shez not waring hur spektaculz.

Mah Boyfrend asks, "Hey Sweet Butt, Nice to see you're back in action! Since you are the gooroo, can you tell me why my feet smell like corn chips?"

Murfee mah boyfrend... yoo iz so bizy starin at mah sweet but dat yoo miszed dah last bugg gooroo!!! I toldz mah Sofee's boyfrend dat it iz becuz of dah seekret Frito stompin.

Ruby Bleu asks, "How is your footie? Is it feeling better?? What did the V.E.T. say???"

Ruby, it iz likes, a bump, dat duz not hurtee, but itz got dah infekshun. No pus but itz owwee. Dah V.E.T. sez to eat penut budder an I willz be bettur. Sumtimez mah penut budder haz dah crunch but itz sooper tastee!

Coco asks, "First, why is it so hard to train my mother? She seems to understand my commands, but she is very slow doing them. For example: "give me all your food", "wake up! its 4 a.m. lazy woman!!" or "let's go eat that poop!". Stubborn! Second, why do I like toilet paper so much? I cant control myself... it's addicting! Third, I lick the air constantly. Is that normal, or am I going crazy?"

Coco, try fartun on yoor mama if she dusnt understund ur comandz. Dat wil teech hur. Also, toylet papur iz a nootrishush part uf a balunced pug diet. Yum! Last, mah bruthur Harlez he liks an liks hiz tung in dah air all dah tyme!!!! Maybee it iz fur flyun foodz?

Rachel asks, "Our question is about your new brother- Harley. What do you think about having a third dog? Do you think that your parents think it's much harder than having two? Is it nice to have another man in the house? Does he deflect some of Sophie's meanness from you to him?"

Rachel, Harlez he iz soooo nyce!!! I luvz him wez snuggul an sumtimez mah Sofee will not playz nice an mah Harlez he will snuggul an lik dah air next to me. Boyz r nice. So iz mah daddy! I lykes three pugz.

Pearl asks, "Someone has probably asked you this before, but I'm new and I need to know... What's the purpose of your nose-guard that you alwasy do? What ya guarding your little nosely from??"

Pearl, gud qwestshun. I iz afrayed mah Sofee will stik hur tung in der. She likz us EVRYWUR!!!!! Mah Harlez duz it too. Mah Sofee nevur duz dah noze gard she duznt needz to.

The Devil Dog asks, "Can you tell me why everyone thinks cats are so great when they don't come when you call and ignore you when you want them?"

Roxy, dah katz poop in dah box. We poopz aneewhur. I eetz mah poop. Katz win poop round.

Nevis asks, "Why is it that you're SO cute!? :)"

Mah Nevis, yoo iz too cyute too! Mahhhh biggust fan! I dunt tryz to be cyute but mah moma sez itz mah natrul beooouty.

Tankz fur dah qwestshuns mah fwendz. I 'preciate mah fwendz. More Bugg Gooroo sumtyme soon!


Salinger The Pug said...

Aw MAN...we haven't been on for a few days and MISSED another exciting installment of Dah Bugg Gooroo!

We're glad your foot is ok!

Give your cute self a nice Bugg Rub, A jaunty wink and a nod to my fellow gentlepug Harles and a nice big kiss to my Sophie Puggy Muffin!


Nevis said...

Great Gooroo answers! Dixie is the best.

Kelly said...

Dixie you are the smartest bugg ever! You really have the answer to everything!

I hope you guys get un-grounded soon. It's clear that you guys tore that box open because you missed your Daddy and thought he might be in there. Duh!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Dixie! You are so intelligent - I can't believe PBS hasn't offered you your own show yet.

Anonymous said...

Heehee you forgot you can eat the cat poop!
Very cute!! :)

Too Cute Pugs said...

LOL - we're not sure we understood everything but it made Mommy laugh so much she nearly peed her pants (don't tell anyone we said that)

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Too Cute Pugs said...

"It" meaning your post.

Mommy needs to eat lunch before she types any more unclear sentences.