Sunday, June 1, 2008

Holliday Park

Brian and I took the girls to Holliday Park here in Indianapolis today. We've been trying to work out, and I joined Brian's gym, so we figured it was time for the puggies to get some exercise in too.

Holliday Park has this gorgeous display of a stone facade from New York City- that's all I know about it, but it's right in front of the park and I absolutely love it.

We made the puggies pose on one of the side pieces... look how regal they look- almost like gargoyles!

All four of us made our way down the trails to the water, aka White River. Sophie was NOT a fan of the mud and made every effort to avoid it.

Dixie, on the other hand, didn't care at all where she walked!!!

We had a great time exercising the pugs! We sat in the playground area to take a break, and one by one, kids kept coming up and petting the girls. One little girl went and got her mom to show her, one little boy said he wanted a pug, but his mom said they were too ugly so they got another dog (I glared at her immediately.) As we walked away, the original little girl (who got her mom) could be heard screaming "NOOOO!!!!! THEY'RE GOING HOME!!! MOMMM!! THEY ARE GOING HOOOOOMEEEEEE!" Our pugs are TOTALLY famous.

Also, check out Ruby's page- SOPHIE AND DIXIE'S BARKDAY PAWTY tickets are being booked via AireRuby!!! Dixie's barkday is the 5th of June, and Sophie's is the 27th of June. Of course they are made up, because no one knows their real birthdays! We figured they needed special days to celebrate anyway, and these horoscopes totally fit them. Go sign up for our pawty!


Duke said...

What's wrong with that woman saying that Pugs are ugly! She obviously needs glasses! Stoopid lady!
Good for you, Sophie for avoiding the mud! You're a true girly girl!
We wouldn't miss your pawty for the world! We can't wait to hear more details!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Archie and Melissa said...

What a great day!
Isn't that funny what people say. Even if you thought someone's dog was ugly, would you actually say that out loud to them?
The little girl was a sweetie though. Her mom could learn a thing or two from her. :)

Anonymous said...

People say that too me all the time... I usually make some comment about whatever breed they say they have.. too big or they shed! lol

That new york facade is really cool!!

Petra said...

Too ugly? That lady is blind; you guys are gorgeous!

Nevis said...

Then Sophie is a gemini like I am. Awesome!