Monday, October 20, 2008

Pugs on Parole

Just as I was thinking how great our little puggies are... Dixie pees on the kitchen floor, Harley pees on Brian's shoe, and Sophie...

Yes that is all Sophie. I count nine. She's like a ginormous hamster. (Part of me feels like I personally deserve that poop on my white sweater for leaving clothes out of the hamper... and that sweater is now in the trash.)

They are very, very sorry. And are grounded until further notice.


The Devil Dog said...

Mom is laughing. She knows that scene all too well. She takes me out in the morning. I don't do anything. I come back in and poop on the kitchen floor.
Gotta love us!


CoCo said...

That is quite a few of thos dingleberries!


Maggie and Mitch said...

They all look very sorry for what they did! Go easy on them, mom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Harry Pugalicious said...

Sometimes you just get overexcited and all the poop comes out, right Sophie?!?!?

Murphy Dogg said...

I agree with Harry. The other night, Mama's friends Vito & Jess came to visit and my little sis Ginger got so excited she pooped right in front of them! Mama was kinda pissed ... and a little embarrassed.
Murphy Dogg

Lex said...

That is so Gus! I can stand out side for about a good hour with him chanting go poop gus and nothing. he comes inside and poops.
Love the hamster analogy! So true!

Nevis said...

We've allll had that happen. And those poops are so funny! Better that it was little bits to pick up than wet and gushy, though. Eewww!