Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloweenie Pwesents!

Halloweenie Pwesents... that's what our Mom is calling the new stuff in our house! Some of it was boring... pumpkin shaped candle holders and candy holders and stuff we can't sniff or eat or whatever. No pictures of that. But this was cool... our Grandma (Dad's Mom) did something called a home-a-rama and got some stuff that she gave our Mom...

They're red and Mom and Dad cook in them. They say "Paula Deen" on them, I don't know what that is, but they're SUPER pretty!

Oh look, stupid TOWELS even have pumpkins on them... yawn!

Mommy also bought a rug to make our kitchen more comfy. We have not peed on it yet, but plan on it soon.


Joe Stains said...

those pans are pawesome, Mom was just looking at them in the Kohls ad!

Sandra y Coco said...

My pans are red, too. They are from target.
Your kitchen has already the halloween feeling except that you both are not wearing any costumes!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Girls,
My Mama gets all into the autumn thing too, decorating our front porch with mums and pumpkins and all sorts of crap. I don't get it. Although she put some new plants in the yard that I got to pee on. That was cool.
Murphy Dogg

Rachel said...

I am going shopping for fally stuff today!! I will probably not come home with a set of new pots and pans (boooo...I don't have enough room for them anyways)...but I would love some pumpkin towels! And I used to have a run in my kitchen too. The puggies didn't pee on it....they ate it. Yup....they chewed it into a million pieces - it was that foam orthopedic stuff. But don't get any ideas, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I didn't know Paula Deen had cookware! Very nice!!

Eduardo said...

Mommy like that cookware! Her fav color is red! I would have eaten that rug! I hate rugs!!!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle