Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well the pugs are famous! We finally watched the news we DVR'd on Sunday (Indy's WTHR Channel 13) and saw the pugs!! They featured mostly Sophie and Dixie, I had already walked by with Harley, they probably skipped over me since I was holding a big bag of poop!

Watch around second 20, that's when they show up (for all of two seconds!) I taped the TV with my camera, so you can hear Brian cheering for the girls in their TV debut. You can also see Harley's lil booty ahead of them a little!

Also, just for funsies, here is a video of the little walkers themselves. I love Dixie's enthusiasm, Harley's sexy sashay, and Sophie's ADD!

Look at my cuties!

In less fun news, today when we went to get the pugs' bordatella shots, Sophie peed bloody urine on the vet's floor! She couldn't have picked a better place to pee, though. They took a sample and gave her antibiotics for a UTI. Poor thing! She's having a hard time with it. Now, the accidents yesterday were clear, and we know Dixie's was in the kitchen, but the other could have been Sophie for sure. Apologies have been made to all pug parties involved!


Salinger The Pug said...

Oh no...my poor Puggy Muffin can't catch a break!

I'll give you lots of kisses to make you feel better on the first!



Ruby Bleu said...

Feel better Sophie and you three couldn't be any cuter!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby


Woof Pugs,

Sorry you're not feeling well. Did the Doggie Doc prescribe Clavomox? Any suggestions on how to prevent UTI's? Scuba's a bit prone to them.
Sorry we haven't stopped by in a while. We're gonna continue to blame Mom.

Desert Pups

Harry Pugalicious said...

Sorry to hear you's feelin bad, Sophie. Get well soon!

That's pawesome that you were on the TV! You's superstars!

The Devil Dog said...

Poor Sophie, but you're right, best place to do it. THe videos are so cute. wow, you guys are famous. Awesome!

Roxy & Lucky

Nevis said...

Fabulous videos! I loved the one of just them walking the best though. :) And GET WELL SOPHIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the poor thing! indy sympathizes!! As do i!

Yay you guys are famous!! :)

Nanette said...

Stella hopes you feel better soon and it is awesome you are famous!!