Sunday, October 19, 2008


Actually, all three of us puggies do!!!! We poop AND pee on Alzheimer's Disease. That's why we did the Memory Walk today to help raise money for Alzheimer's Disease Research. Mommy made us shirts!!! (Mom's note: I CANNOT sew. And the child's small was massive on them. Therefore I had to hand-sew them all to alter them, and they were extremely ghetto, but made more secure after I used iron-on patches on the insides to protect the stitches. I think that Roxy and Lucky's mom would be ashamed!!!!)

These were our super-cool shirts. That's Harley, Stupidbugg, and me! Mommy also made them for our friends. First you remember Ruby-

Mommy didn't have to sew her shirt at all! Then also there was Llama, who you should remember from his dashing bow tie-

His shirt was a little long, but no sewing necessary either for his! Some kids really liked our shirts and came over to pet us.

Naturally we got very excited! However, another visitor came over... a BT!!!!! I'm sure Dixie was like, drooling her heart out.

Whoa, the BT is sniffing Harley's butt! He's as confused as a Bugg!!!

Here's a picture of the BT. He was hit by a car and had surgery to help him walk again. He had a little mobile cast which was so neat!

After playing with the cool animals we went for a big walk around the track!

Also it was so cool a news crew video-ed us pugs and Harley walked right towards the camera and Mommy and Daddy are watching that channel to see if we're on the news! OMD we could be totally famous!!!!

Our Mommy's team won an award so we got to go on stage. We had to then have a moment of silence and Harley could not stop breathing heavy and snorting and everyone looked at him!! Here he is with Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy got her contacts in, she was very happy since she could wear sunglasses! But now her eyes hurt and it will be at least a few days before she wears them again.

On the way home Bugg did a nose guard again. Jeez what else is new!


The Devil Dog said...

Mom is not ashamed of you at all, in fact, mom thinks you are super cool to have hand sewed the shirts to size in the first place. Awesome job, all of you! Dad's grandmother had Alzheimer's, so it may run in his family. That's scary.

Roxy & Lucky

Brutus said...

Aw I so miss Harley! That picture of the both of you with him is adorable. He does breathe loud LOL I'm sorry to laugh but when he was with me he got some looks every now and then. My grandfather had Alzheimers. I hope your eyes feel better soon.

Nevis said...

Hilarious shirts, I looooooove them.

Lex said...

Good for you guys for doing that. It is a horribly scary disease. And i love the shirts! I never would have thought of that!

I have been thinking of the transitions lenses for my glasses.. sometimes you just can't wear contacts everyday :p unfortunately...

Asta said...

Hi Kids
I went on Memowy walk last yeaw too, hewe in NY...this yeaw,Mommi has to go to hew show in RI, so we'll miss it..Gweat that you got to go, and I love youw shiwts!
smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

Those are very cool shirts and for a very good cause!
We saw 2 Puggies at our Airedale event yesterday that looked just like you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Dixie,
It's awesome that you guys walked for Alzheimers! Me and Mama do walks for animal shelters and ALS disease. Oh, and hope you didn't get too worked up over the BT, cause he's nowhere near as cute as me!! And look out for your package o' love, Mama shipped it Saturday!
Murphy Dogg

Joe Stains said...

Great job guys! Those shirts are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!

Sandra y Coco said...

I will participate on the Memory Walk here in Miami, too. I have to ask if dogs can walk.

Rachel said...

sorry, we're just now catching up on all these great posts. I really admire you guys walking for alzheimers. My grandmother has a pretty severe case, and has for a long time. She is now on 24 hour care (Fortunately, we are able to hire people to be in her home with her so she doesn't have to be in a nursing home). I wish they would do a walk down here - I would to participate. If they do - you have to ship me your 'poop on alzheimers' shirts!