Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Family is Together Again!

Hi everyone it's Sophie and we are back in Indy with our Momma and Daddy!!!! We were so happy when they picked us up we like were running around like maniacs!! The guy at our doggy hotel said to our parents "the yellow one tried to dig a hole under the fence and escape." Now I am not yellow so I am hoping Mommy and Daddy don't realize that in my imprisonment I tried to start a prison break!!! I'd be in tons of trouble!!!!

Speaking of trouble, I found some pictures on my Mom's camera that I disapprove of!!!! Check these out...

WHO IS THAT!??! That's not one of us and definitely not even a pug. (Mom: It's my friend Marissa's puppy, Rosie.)

That's Lauren, who is Dixie's doG-mother, but why is she posing with that tiny little runt and not us?!?!?!?! I thought dogs couldn't go to New Jersey!!!

And then I see this HUGE doggie. I was very mad that Momma would betray us like that. A big doggie laying comfortably by the fire? And not us? Very rude. (That's Blue, my uncle's ten-year-old pit bull. He is the best behaved dog and can even smile on command!)

I think they have some 'splaining to do! It snowed today so I'm sure we'll have to do some stupid photoshoot outside anyways. More later!


Paula said...


Did your Mom tell them pugs don't come in yellow, but they are fawn. Geez, they needed to get that straight.

Glad you all are back together again!


Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Sophie,
That is SO not fair! I think your mom needs to give you guys lots of leftover turkey and pie to make up for it.
Murphy Dogg

Joe Stains said...

I can see why you would try to escape, they don't even know your name?? YELLOW DOG?? and then to find that your parents are cheaters, what a bad day!

The Devil Dog said...

Were you really trying to organize a prison break? Fine job!
Glad you're all back at home and everyone is doing well.


Harry Pugalicious said...

I's glad you are back home with your pawents! I's sure they didn't mean to cheat on you - they probably didn't know dogs could go to New Jersey either!

Salinger The Pug said...

LOL! "The yellow one"!!!!

I'm sorry that our plans to bust you out of the joint were foiled! I waited for you all night and feared the worst, but I'm glad to hear that you are safe now. Plan B then?


Puglette said...

yes, your parents do have some explaining to do...i would get to the bottom of all those photos of mom snuggling other doggies...either that or you can just snuggle up and forget the whole thing

Pearl said...

I missed you guys!!! I am appalled at your Momma and Daddy and their CHEATING! This calls for a rebellion.

I pooped on the Christmas tree skirt yesterday. Try it!

Salinger The Pug said... is STILL LOL-ing at the "The Yellow One" and NOW is near hysterics reading about Pearl taking a dump on the Christmas tree skirt!!!!!!!

Should I be concerned that she gets more amusement out of the dog blog antics than anything on Comedy Central?