Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boring Weekend

Wow is it boring without Brian! The pugs have found a better way of protesting than hostages... poop. The other night, I had the pugs in the backyard to go out before bed. Usually Brian and I walk the block, but it's just too dark and scary for me by myself. I see Dixie sniffing and figure she's looking for her spot. No... she was at the buffet. I see a pine-needle looking thing sticking out of her mouth and think she's eating grass. I reach in her mouth to get it out... no she was eating poop. Allllllll over my hands. I must have washed them fifty times. I also brushed Dixie's teeth. She was quite unhappy.

Then today, Sophie had a little bit of a loose dingleberry after she pooped. I got some off with a leaf and then rushed her back home. Well somewhere along the oh, 50 feet from there to our house, she bumped her bum into BOTH other pugs, smearing them each with a little stain her dingleberry poop. I had to bring out the heavy duty wipes to clean them up.

I would have had more fun with them this weekend, but it was uneventful in the fun department. I had to go into work a little because it was our national board's quarterly meeting. I also had to babysit. The only bit of fun? I got my hair done. Very, very brown.

I love it! I feel way less washed out. I've gone all over the hair color spectrum, but I haven't been BROWN brown since 2004-ish. It was about time. Blonde only seems to work on me if I'm tan. However, you don't read my blog to see my hair!!! You read it for pugs!!!

So, here is some pug fighting. Sorry folks, no pictures of the poop fiascos. This is Sophie and Dixie fighting over HARLEY's toy, by the way.

I made Harles feel better about losing his sharkie to the girls.

And her are the three pugmigos themselves! (Speaking of which, on Friday the movie Three Amigos was on! I sat down at 5 till 8:00, said to myself, I wonder if it will be on this weekend? I did a search and voila! It started in a few minutes. It was meant to be!)


Liss said...

The three Amigos is a great movie.

The Devil Dog said...

Ewww, ewwww, and ewww. What "fun"! NOT! Sorry your weekend was boring, but glad you got to see your movie.


Salinger The Pug said...

LOVE the new hair! Mommy just got rid of her "summer hair" last week too!

As for the poop situation...I have no words (shudders).

Have a great week and get ready for some kissy face attack on daddy when he gets home on Wednesday!


Pearl said...

First of all, Mommy's new hair is too cute! We love it!

As for the poop fiasco, it sounds AWESOME! Dixie, I hope you got a good tastin' of the poo before your momma stole it. A few weeks ago I threw up all over our kitchen, and then I ate it ALL UP before Momma could get a paper towel! Mmmm!

Eduardo said...

That booboo situation sounds real nasty! Your hair looks nice though!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lex said...

Ahhh yes we have had many poop fiascos in our house.. we had a Gus stepping in diarhea (indy's) while i was trying to clean it up... Sigh.. i woke up the roommates telling him to hold still so I could wipe his feet before he tracked it everywhere!

I love your hair! It looks awesome!!

Clover said...

Haha oh, fun with poop!!
I like your hair too! I know exactly what you mean about the colour. My hair is a dark blonde and I like it lighter in the summer, but I like brown for the winter! (My skin is as white as a sheet in the winter...)

Pug Posse said...

That poop story was really gross! And some of us have been known to snack on the brown stuff. I bet Mommy didn't want any kisses for a while after that!
And we love the hair! Our humans all got their hair cut this past weekend. They all feel better, but we don't know why they'd get their hair cut just when the weather is getting colder!
The Pug Posse

Joe Stains said...

Wow staining ON another dog, that is a new one for sure. IMPRESSIVE!! Your Mom's hair looks very nice!

Nevis said...

Three Amigos is one of my all-time favorite movies.

And I LOVE your hair! :)

rileythepuggle said...

Wow... the poop fiasco does NOT sound fun. Ewww. EWWW. Love the picture of the three amigos though!

Murphy Dogg said...

Aw, my girl Dixie eats poops. That's hardcore.
Murphy Dogg
P.S. Mama says she loves your new hair color.