Monday, November 24, 2008

East Coast Road Trip

Thanks for all the lovely notes about our road trip! We had such a hard time leaving the pugs but Sandy has fun plans for them- lots of kids to play with and TURKEY on Thanksgiving! After we left this was our Garmin and clock. The Garmin says we'd arrive at 6:04 pm.

Our clock on the car says 7:45 am. YIKES! What time did we actually arrive though? 8:15 pm. Four rest stops mixed with one horrible being pulled over experience. I'll tell you more about that later though.... Here are a few pictures of the trip!

First state we drove into was Ohio... which I used to be a fan of... until the pulling over. They got our speed- barely over- by AIRCRAFT. And then a scary lady cop pulled us over by pointing at us. Along with a few other cars, and more as we pulled over. So it took about a half hour total!!!!! Boo Ohio!!!!!

We were in West Virginia (Wheeling area) for a few minutes too!

PA is the longest part of the ride. Most of it is very uneventful in terms of cities (our path doesn't take us through Pittsburgh or Philly) but GORGEOUS in terms of mountains and scenery.

Upon entering New Jersey, we realized the sign was on the left and I MISSED IT. Not happy. It was too snowy anyways. When we got to my mom's house we had real pizza and relaxed, and geared up for our trip to NYC the next day (Sunday.) We took the brief 30-minute bus ride to NYC to met up with my sister Melinda and her boyfriend Gabe on Bleecker street to see a show. She goes to school in the Bronx and her boyfriend lives in the city.

Here I am with Melinda- it was her 22nd birthday!!!! Yes we are only 20 months apart, she is 22 now and I am 23!!!! I am lucky to have two fabulous sisters and it was great to celebrate a little with Min (her nickname.) Rosie (my 18 year old sister) gets in tomorrow from the University of South Carolina where she goes to school, so we'll all be home for Thanksgiving!

Just in case any of you are in New York, I MUST tell you about the show we saw. Brian and I have been fans of Mike Birbiglia for a year or two now. His work is hilarious... the bits about Christian music that you don't realize is Christian music, the song about the "Guitar Guy," and anything he says about pizza... he definitely leaves us falling off our chairs laughing. Well imagine our excitement when we found out he was starting an off-broadway show in New York in November! The show is called Sleepwalk With Me. It was a tiny theatre, and when he walked out, we were literally feet away from him. Brian and I were both like, "THAT'S FREAKING MIKE BIRBIGLIA!!!!!" We couldn't believe it. I think we think he is more famous than he is, since he's like our favorite comedic celebrity. We get his "Secret Public Journal" by e-mail and Brian hears him on the radio all the time while he drives around for work. I know, I know, this is a pug blog... but I hope you will all buy either or both of Mike's CD's (Two Drink Mike and What I Should Have Said Was Nothing.) He has not made any pug jokes yet that I know of, but trust me, I'll let you all know if and when he does!

After the show went went to this tiny a slightly touristy but fantastic restaurant called S'MAC. Again, shameless, pugless promotions, but it was fantastic. A restaurant of only mac & cheese. How can you go wrong!?

Happy Thanksgiving early!


Brutus said...

We are so glad you made it safe! Hope you have a rocking time in NJ. My friends Golden is at Sandys too and I am sure she will keep the pugs safe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pearl said...

They clocked you going just a few MPH over, by airplane!?! Get a life, Ohio! Sorry you had to deal with that. :(

Mom thinks that since you are from a whole different part of the country than us, you probably know more about this than we do... but what do you mean when you said you guys ate "real pizza"?? Are we missing out on something good over here in Oklahoma?!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

Nevis said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that sounds like fun!! I'm glad the drive was alright but boo on the ticket!!

I will have to look for that comic, we are always interested in someone new and funny!
Have you seen achmed the dead terrorist? you tube him, the guy is hysterical.. :)
Happy Turkey Day!

Pearl said...

I just KNEW we were missing something on the Pizza front!! Tell us ALL about REAL pizza someday!!!

Clover said...

Hi Kelly!
Sounds like you are having fun (minus the long drive and ticket ordeal) on your trip!! Cute pic of you and your sister!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love Clover xo

Joe Stains said...

In one of Mom's favorite movies they talk about how PA is that state that always gets in the way when you are trying to get somewhere ;)

The Devil Dog said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Roxy & Lucky

Maggie and Mitch said...

It sounds like you guys are having the best adventures ever!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

What an eventful trip you have had already! I have been to a lot of those states too! Do you know the brunette in that photo looks like Britney Spears??

Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful time you are having.

No longer pughugs, but pugmoon.