Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's worse?

What's worse than a pug hostage situation?

Unruly pugs. Anarchy. Dissent in the puggie ranks.

This used to be a box, empty luckily, from our doggie steps. Apparently, having their own room and a big screen TV is not enough. And this is only day one without their Daddy! This will be a long, long week....


Lex said...

oh no!!! Pug anarchy! We have lots of that in our house! :p

Just to warn you, if you end up washing your pug bed lots, it will completely fall apart! Yea.. learned that by experience.. I am forcing it into a shape resembling a bed.. it hasn't even lasted a year!

Puglette said...

we have pug anarchy too...well, puppy anarchy. They chewed up a dog bed, fluff was everywhere!! And while we were not paying attention, they dragged the inside pillow of another bed out to the yard and tore it apart! More fluff!

Pearl said...

Good work you guys! Boxes taste SO GOOD! Almost as good as my personal favorite, toilet paper!

The Devil Dog said...

Ha, that looks like something I would do. Haha And my dad doesn't go away!


Nevis said...

Ha ha ha! Love the lines, "Unruly pugs. Anarchy. Dissent in the puggie ranks." <---you totally crack me up.

And isn't Anarchy the only state of puggy organization that Pugs recogonize??

Harry Pugalicious said...

You's lucky to has a daddy. I's no daddy but if I did I would be soooo good when he was gone. I rips apart the boxes sometimes but that's to tell my mom that I wants a daddy. She says she's tryin but I no believe her. SIGH!!!!!

Snorts & sighs,

Harry the half-orphan