Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mini-Pug Meetup Pics!

Ok finally we aren't too tired to post about our fun times with our puggy friends! Here is our buddy Gus:

Here a pug is getting some butt scratchies and the non-pug Tootsie is hanging out. I did NOT like having a snouted dog there... clearly they have a sniffing advantage against us flat-noses!

See I was kind of meant to Tootsie and barked a lot...

Apollo is Tootsie's brother! You know Apollo!

Here are some of the other gals, Molly O'Malley and Miley!

And Hank was sitting around waiting to get his PBR!

Lilo tried to get some food from my Mommy... she shoulda known Mom is hard to get food from!

Why did Dixie look sooooo happy!?!?!

Oh maybe because we had like a zillion pugs all around!

Molly tried getting some food from her Momma too... Hank must've said she was serving out PBR!

Sal of course was cuddling up with the ladies.

Daddy offered some foodables to Dixie to see if she's take it.

She eats her own poop so clearly she gave this a sniff without a second though.

Mom was SO RUDE and cuddled up to my ex-boyfriend?!?!?! Such betrayal!

Dixie then betrayed our family to hang out with Salinger's family! Here she is with Sal's mom.

Then made GooRoo faces with Sal's dad.

Here, Dixie and Sal's dad show off their tongues.

Here is Salinger and his Mom with Dixie and our Mom.

Here is the whole group! The picture we posted earlier, Mom is holding Dixie's harness... she got right out of it!

This wasn't even all the pugs!

Mom was sticking out her tongue at Miley... she is such a cute little Diva-in-Training.

Here I am looking gorgeous.

Here is a newer blogger, Yoda!

When we got home... this is what we did!

Yea, so we slept for hours and hours. We are still taking naps! How was your weekend?


Pearl said...

What a fun time, you guys!!!Some classic Bugg faces in those pics!

All that food looked yummers, too. Momma still hasn't fed me since last week when I peed on the carpet...

Ok, ok... maybe she has fed me once or twice.

Soph... come get me and let's go get a mani/pedi!

The Great Rock Eater said...

It was so much fun to have all our pug friends together again!!! I had so much fun playing with everybody!!! I crashed after the part Satruday night too. Then slept most of the day Sunday after mom and dad left!! I'm still trying to recover from all that fun!!

Hank said...

Yep, Sophie, honey......that was a heckuva time, wasn't it?

Kinda disappointed there wasn't no PBR but I've been needin' to take off a few pounds, anyway.

Do you know if they make PBR Light? Oh, who am I kiddin'. Light beer is fer sissies!

BRUTUS said...

Hi guys!
Saw you visited my blog today, so I thought I'd return the favor & come over to sniff/snort around on yours. Nice to see some other good looking faces like mine :) Looks like you have tons of fun, and you are so luck to have a playdate with so many other good-looking dogs! We'll be sure to keep checking in on you!

Brutus the Frenchie

Petra said...

Loved all the pug pictures. What better way is there to spend a day?!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!
I love Dixie's smiles!!

Nevis said...

What wonderful pictures!!! I wish I could come sometime! It looks like a total blast!

Rachel said...

This looks like super good times. one day we will get up there and go to one of these parties with you guys.