Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi guys it is Sophie. So Mommy was making fun of my flab the other day and I was NOT PLEASED since, let's be honest, Dixie Bugg is the one who needs a diet. LOOK!

Dixie one year ago, at a VET-APPROVED, HEALTHY WEIGHT:

Bugg now:

Look at that portly pup! I am sticking out my tongue at her in disgust.

Anywho, I am sure you can imagine my shock when Mom pointed out this:

What, you don't see anything either? Mom was pointing out how my skin seemed to "melt" around me when I was relaxing on her lap. Psh she is one to talk. Look what she put me through!

Yep that's right she is pinching my pudge! Or, lack there of! I can't help that I had babies and babies and babies because of the mean Amish people at the puppy mill, and now have lots of excess skin in many areas of my body! I am NOT fat like the Bugg! I am the skinniest little baby girl in this whole family! SHEESH!

To offset my anger, I've included some lovely photos of us being neglected, which is pretty much standard nowadays. Check out Bugg's ugly tongue! BOL!

Mom is so boring I fall asleep while she's talking to me! DOUBLE BOL!!!!!

Look at us, poor neglected pups. Someone should call the ASPCA on our pawrents. Neglectful and verbally abusive. Me, fat... pish posh!!!

We got a SUPER COOL package by the way but I'm being extremely kind and letting Mom blog about it later.


Pearl said...

SOPHIE! This is just wrong! What is your momma runnin' over there, a sorority? Next thing ya know she'll be circling your rolls with a marker!?

I think you and Dixie Bugg both look great! Maybe just a bad camera angle on that Dixie picture....

Marlene said...

I think it's super funny how you stick your tongue out at Bugg! I should start doing that to Toby! But wait, Toby licks the air... so does that mean he is really sticking his tongue out at me?!?? Oh no!!!
Love, Marlene

Anonymous said...

That is horrible! You should come and run away to Canada.. :)

Nevis said...

Aww...poor Sophie. Obviously your Mummy has no idea of what a healthy pug weight is. Besides, you need a little love around your middle to keep you warm in those harsh winters!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Sophie,
I gotta defend my girl Dixie, she is not fat. She is soft and squishy and curvaceous, just like females should be! Better to cuddle with that way. So who cares if your mom calls you fat? I say "Wiggle it, big girl!"
Murphy Dogg

jsanders73 said...

Now Sophie,be nice. Pugs come in all wonderful shapes and sizes. Maybe the Bugg is just gaining the wait that Lilo lost. Neither of you are fat, just lovably fluffy = )

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Dear Sophie,

I know why Dixie is gaining weight, poops are really high in carbs.


Joe Stains said...

omdog you are NOT fat, if you want to see fat look at Tanner!! sheesh.

Hank said...

Ya know, Sophie, mom calls me "mommy's fat little hillbilly".

Harry Pugalicious said...

Sophie, Sophie - you's not fat! I knows how you feel though. I gets that a lot. And I says "I's not fat! I's big-boned!"

Harry Pugalicious said...


That was from Midi. I think she calleds up both fat!