Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Your Questions... Answered!

Hi everyone, it is Sophie and Mommy together. Mommy is letting me type but she might write some too, I will make her use italics, since I am more important. HEY! Hush up Mommy, we have questions to answer!

Clover asked us, "Can you tell me about any of your quirks or funny habits?" Well, I personally am perfect. Ahem. Okay, okay. I stick out my tongue a lot and sometimes I don't notice. I also get bursts of energy and run in circles and bark. I also sit right on TOP of the couch cushions! And... I lick EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Stupid Dixie's habits and quirks are her cross-eyed-ness, and she can only turn left when she's making circles, and she runs into things a lot. And she is SO stinky.

Rachel asked us lots of questions! "What does your Mommy do up there in Indiana?" I don't really know. Mommy, what do you do? I work for a membership driven non profit on the North side of the city. No pugs allowed, Sophie! "Does she hang out with you guys all day or does she leave annoying early everyday and disappear for about 8 hours at a time?" Ugh. She TOTALLY leaves me and so does Daddy. She leaves at like 7:30 and we watch Animal Planet allll day until like 5:30 when she gets home. In the winter Daddy comes home and hangs out a lot but he's too busy in the summer to do it everyday. Mommy NEVER comes home during the day! "Were Sophie and Dixie your names when your Mommy rescued you or did she give you those names? If she gave them to you, where did they come from and what do they mean?" Where is my name from, Mommy? We had a very interesting time naming the girls! We met them before they had names, and toyed with Izzie and Effie. We just liked Izzie, and Effie is Brian's grandmother's name. Then we realized that might be a little weird... we soon found out Sophie's foster mom of like, a week, named her Sophie. Oh yea! I remember her! No you don't. Anyways, then we found out Dixie's foster mom named her... Grindle. Yea, we couldn't let that happen. We wanted a cute name that matched Sophie, so we picked Dixie! I also liked Izzie and Lucy. If we ever get a boy pug, he will be Joey. WHAT?! A BOY PUG! NO WAY!!! Don't worry Sophie, no time soon!

I think this one is for you Sophie... Lex (and Gus & Indy) asked you, "Sophie, why are you so mean to Dixie??" Okay okay... I know I am mean to her but it's mostly because I am her big sister figure and if I didn't keep her in check, she'd do something stupid! I try to lead by example, you know? I mean... she's such an easy target! But I really do love her. See?

Melissa & Emmitt asked Mommy, "How did Miss Sophie and Miss Dixie come to find you" I was so lucky! Brian and I agreed to do a pug transport for KPR, and just happened to get the girls as our first transport pugs! Now we can't imagine our lives without them! Thanks Mommy!

Boy and Baby want to know "What are the things you do to annoy each other?" Well, I personally nibble on Dixie and lick her all over but even THAT doesn't bother her. But sometimes we... sort of hump each other and that REALLY bothers me when I get humped but sometimes I hump her too...

Well that's enough of that dirty talk, Sophie! Thanks for the great questions everyone! Please submit your SNPM Week 5 Pictures!


Ruby Bleu said...

Those were some great questions!!! And of course PAWSOME answers!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

TooCutePugs said...

We enjoyed reading this!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Lex said...

I submitted!! lol They were done that way as my husband and I are not fully comfy with the idea of ourselves online (not yet anyways). But they are with their babies.

Thank you Sophie for answering my question, I figured as much but I just wanted to make sure!! I have younger silblings so I know how it can go!! lol

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Good answers. You actually gave me ideas on how to annoy my sis.


Maggie & Mitch said...

We feel that we know you so much better now! That was neat!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Sophie and Dixie!
Great interview! Emmitt and I enjoyed reading it very much!
m & e

Rachel said...

Thanks for answering my many questions! I love to know where names come from. Clementine's foster mom had already named her also (Faith), but I changed it....she picked up on it pretty quick.
Looking forward to the next challenge!