Monday, June 16, 2008

Bugg Got Bugged

Hi itz da Bugg heer, an BOY did I haz a reelly crazee day! I juss gotz bak frum dah V-E-T. Der wuz a biiiig bumpee lumpee on mah lip but den we went to dah V-E-T an now itz bettur.

(Mommy's note: the vet thought she probably got stung, she was chewing on something on her walk, and we've seen lots of fire ants, so in essence, the Bugg got BUGGED! The bump grew to the size of a huge grape in minutes- it was scary! She got some Benadryl, which essentially cost us $100 because it was after hours at the vet. Oh well- nervous parents!)

Ahem, I iz dah BUGG an I iz suppozed to rite!

So dah humanz deh payd dah V-E-T an den I poopied an den I had to sitz in dah car while dah humanz ATE DAH FOOD! Dey went to dah Pita Pit an I had to wach frum dah car. But den sum other human ladeez wur all like "she iz soooo cuteee" an I wuz happee again.

So I iz goin to make shure I iz helthy now, so I iz posting a Bugg Workout Videeo. I will be fitz and helthy!!!! No more V-E-T!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi dixie!
ouchie! poor baby. it was good to go to the vet. better safe than sorry for sure!
you are so cute! we are sending you and sophie big hugs!
m & e

Nanette said...

OMD, you are ah-DOR-uh-bul!

Stella is so happy your lip is better. Her older sis, the grumpy kitty has been in and out of the vet since Thursday and Stella doesn't want it to become a trend among her buds!

Ruby Bleu said...

I'm so happy you are all better Dixie!!! How scawie!!!

Oh and I'm sooooooooo tired watching you workout. I better not let my Mom see this or she might get some ideas!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Salinger The Pug said...

OH MY! I'm glad Bugg is feeling better and I'm SO glad that she was feeling well enough to blog! Her blogs are so funny! Sophie better watch're going to be all buff and kick her puggy butt!

Sophie...I'm sorry you had to see the pics of Pugsley and I kissing again. I hope you're open to the idea of a bi-boyfriend! (HAHAHA!)

Lots of kisses,
Salinger (a.k.a. S-Dog)

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're so glad your lip is all better, Dixie!
Good for you for working out and staying fit! You're going to look great in your bikini this summer!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Rachel said...

hahahaha - OMG, I need to send you a pic! aaah....

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor Dixie! I'm glad she is doing better!

Nevis said...

Aww...poor Dixie!

I'm definatly in the Dixie fan club! Who's with me!?

Clover said...

haha Dixie - such a cute workout video! I am glad you are feeling better after your trip to the vet. Hope your icky bug bite is all gone now!
Love Clover xo

The Devil Dog said...

That is very funny. PlusOne likes the video too.
We are glad Dixie is better. Emergency room vets - ouch. Tell mom all about it. My ultrasound in December was like $300.00 dollars. But we are glad she is better. It is very sad about Tucker.