Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Harnesses!

Sophie here, and I'm ready to preview our new harnesses! Mommy and Daddy bought them for us at MITP, they are made of cotton and are very pretty! I like mine better than my old purple one.

Daddy says I look like an "Irish" pug now. Mommy likes them too! Mommy tried to take me and stupid Dixie bugg for a walk yesterday in our new gear, but then started by looking at the flowers that are popping up in the yard. I absolutely did not like that.

Daddy gave us extra treats this morning and then said goodbye, but he said it a LOT... Mommy said she will miss him... I think this means he is not coming home for a while? I heard the word "business trip," but I do not know what that means! If he is not home tonight I will be quite angry and might trade Dixie to get Daddy back. Or maybe I'll hold her for ransom. That sounds like a lot of work, so I sure hope he's home soon! If any of you see him out there- tell him to bring me some treats!

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