Wednesday, April 23, 2008

March in the PUGS!

Mommy FINALLY gave me the March in the Pugs event pictures! Mommy volunteers for KPR and was really excited to help out with the event. She bought this candy called Tootsie Rolls, but me and Dixie weren't allowed to eat it. She made a yummy looking cake for the MITP Cake Walk... check it out!

I think I don't want to eat Tootsie Rolls now since they look like POOP!

Mommy made another cake too, but forgot to buy the white powdery stuff to go on top. Before the event we stopped at a store and daddy went inside to get it. Boy, did we miss him!

When he came back, we FINALLLLLY were on our way. It seemed like it took forever to get there. After we got some yummy treats, Mommy saw a puggie that looked familiar- it was PIXIE! That's the pug-celebrity I told you about. You can read about Pixie here. Pixie's mommy said that she is a "5,000 dollar pug!" I don't know what that means, but I do know she had two surgeries to her legs. She didn't really walk but I got to say hi to her! Here I am giving her a little kiss!

I think she looks like me a little!

After meeting Pixie we met another tiny pug- a baby named Peanut. I really liked her because she really got in Dixie's face.

I think we need another pug like Peanut around here. We could gang up on Dixie!

That's all from the pug event! Wish you were there!


Clover said...

Hi Sophie & Dixie!
Thanks for adding me to your links, I will do the same! I'm looking forward to being friends!
Love Clover xo
P.S. I don't want tootsie rolls anymore either...

Pearl & Opal said...

Hiya Sophie & Daisy sews glad use found me, thanks for linking me up Nanny just linked use to my bloggy. Listen I nose use are new to DWB but my Wheelie sissy is throwing me a Welcome Pearl Skating Pawty, use don't needs wheelies, I borrowed xtra skate boards, so pwease join us on Monday May 26th (Memorial Day)there is even going to be a parade that we can crash. Hope use visit me soonest.
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

Suki Sumo said...

Hi Sophie and Dixie! It's great to meet you two! Okay, so that tootsie roll looks fragrant (not delicious), but I hope you got to taste some of that cake. Mmm!

Suki Sumo