Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sleepy Bed-Pugs

Kelly here. I worked last night at my restaurant job, and after tomorrow and Saturday, I will be DONE, hopefully forever! I love working at a restaurant, but this economy makes it hard, and the hours aren't optimal. Last night I got in around 1 am and tried to wind down and fall asleep as quickly as possible. Brian had been asleep for a while, since he actually had to go to work this morning! Sophie and Dixie snuggled up between us and Harles, always a Momma's boy, jammed himself as close to me as possible.

Their little snorts and sighs enamored me while I waited for sleep. I outlined my next blog post in my mind... when did we start letting the pugs in our bed? I couldn't remember the specific day. I thought a lot about Oliver- I wished he had been able to sleep with us. Being crate trained from day one, he was fine sleeping in his little "home." But our pugs- they need the bed. They aren't okay unless they are next to us. There isn't anything I've experienced as gratifying and humbling as that. It melted my heart last night. Around 1:30am, I drifted off to sleep.

Oh, and hour later... thunder. Intense thunder. In fact, until nearly 5:30am. Which wouldn't have woken us up if the pugs weren't here. Harles was mostly fine and only responded to the other pugs' barking. But Dixie... oh we wanted to put her in a straightjacket. Every single thunderboom, every lightning strike... barking. Which got Sophie all nervous. We couldn't fault them because they were obviously stressed and upset. There isn't a way we know of to tell them, "it's just weather, go back to sleep." Sophie would bark, but Dixie would get up off the bed, run around, barking incessantly. It only seemed to shut them up when I would pet them. Which presents a challenge when you have two hands and three pugs. I stayed up until the storm was over petting them, since I didn't have to work today, hoping Brian could get some sleep. Jeez, what a NIGHT! I laughed aloud at one point and told them that they'd really screwed up that nice blog I planned on writing.

What about all of you? Do you pups sleep with your owners, or have your own beds? And how do you deal with thunder?

Oh and in the meantime... some sleep pug pictures.

Since, you know, they had all day to sleep...

...but couldn't let us sleep at night.

Thanks for that, puggies.

...I still adore you though.

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Sprite, the odd dog. said...


The girl uses twitter... @aliholden she hasn't let me use it yet,


Stubby said...

Hi Kelly - I hate the thunder. It never bothered me when I was a little guy, but now that I'm older it scares me. As soon as I hear it, I try to climb inside Mom (or at least as close to her as possible). It's true.

As for sleeping in the bed, I love it! I refuse to sleep anywhere but the bed at night. I guess I am a little spoiled, but who can resist a cute old pug?

Stubby xoxo

The Devil Dog said...

Since Lucky is partially deaf, she doesn't really hear thunder. Or it just doesn't bother her. If I am in bed with mom, I sleep right through it. If I am awake, I just cuddle next to mom. I guess that means I am a pill, huh?


Sandra y Coco said...

Hi! Coco is not afraid of thunders, I am sometimes. my husband puts a fan on every night that sounds as if a helicopter was inside the bedroom. The fan doesn't allow us to listen whatever is happening outside. You could try that! I wish Coco could sleep with me in bed but neither my husband or Coco wants to. So I wake up at midnight and jump to the floor to sleep for a while with him. Until he feels bothered and starts moving around. when I can't sleep I have to lay down near Coco, his snorts help me fall asleep.

Pug Posse said...

We woke up to the thunder last night (i.e. very early this morning) too. All 7 of the Posse sleep in bed with us, but only 1 had issues with the thunder...Gus. Even with his incessant guffing at each rumble, the other 6 didn't make a sound. If anything, some of them just snuggled even closer during the storm!
We miss you!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Salinger The Pug said...

I'm not a fan of thunder and lightning either...

I sleep right in between Mom and Dad (picture a big letter "H" in the bed if you're looking down!) and if there is storming going on, I'll sit BOLT UPRIGHT and shake and whine like a basket case for a bit....then dive down UNDER the covers and nearly suffocate. I'll start honking and mom has to haul me up and usually says bad words.

If it's daytime...I'll stand there shaking and whining while making my tail go TOTALLY STRAIGHT.

Good times...good times!

Sunshine and Mud Puddles said...

OMD I missed Harles' barkday!! Harley, please tell me how I can make it up to you! Happy belated!
My new blog is all ready now and I think I can blog regularly again. If you would like to link to me, can you please list me as "Sunshine and Mud Puddles"? Thanks!
Love Clover xo
P.S. Chewy and I both fall asleep on our own beds beside the big bed, and I always crawl under the covers with Mom and Dad at some point in the night. :)

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

We ALL sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad. TaiChi (the miniature poodle) tries to sleep on Mom's pillow as much as possible. (And Mom apparently finds the old lady's snortling and snuffling very relaxing). I try to take up as much of the bed as doggedly possible - other than leaving room for the cat. Mom and Dad just sort of have to fit themselves around us (which is a bit of a challenge, even in a King size bed, because I can take up A LOT of room when I try). But they wouldn't have it any other way. (And neither would we.)

*kissey face*

CoCo said...

You all definitely need to give your Mommy extra snuggles since she is working so very hard!

You guys at least give very good snoozing pictures! My Mama can never catch a photo of me sleeping because I hear everything! If she gets close when I'm sleeping, I can hear the shutter on the camera and wake up immediately. So she is frustrated in trying to capture those shots!


Pearl said...

I just left you the world's longest comment, and it disappeared...

we'll discuss later!

Petra said...

I always sleep in bed under the covers at night. And thunderstorms? They've never bothered me until the last one we had, and the thunder was so loud that I climbed out of the covers and sat at the head of the bed, near the pillows, keeping watch over the humans.

At least you guys got to catch up on your sleep the next day!

Heather and Pumpkin said...

I sleep in bed with my mommy. My cat brother does not get to sleep with us because he kneads her hair and wakes her up all night. I just sleep like a good dog and I only wake mommy up if I really really have to go potty.

I guess I am kind of strange dog because I don't really care about thunder and lightening at all. I don't like how it makes outside all wet but as long as I'm inside I'm fine.

Yea for your mommy's new job!


Harry Pugalicious said...

Harry sleeps with me and it's weird because last night I wast thinking about how happy I am that he does. When I first got him I wasn't going to let him - he was going to have is crate. That became "he can sleep in his bed by my bed". Now I feel lonely if he chooses to lay away from me and not snuggled up against me.

Luckily he's not afraid of thunder - or any loud noises really.

The downside of the pug in the bed - Midi Kitty stays away unless it's cold.

Rachel said...

nope, our puggies do not sleep in the bed with us. At 10, we get in bed and let the pugs up to snuggle with us, and then at 11pm sharp we say "bed time - get in your crates" and they jump straight up and RUN to their crates. I think they really like sleeping there. They have separate crates, so it gives them some alone time and they seem to feel really secure there.
And oddly enough, they both seem completely impervious to thunder storms.I've never seen either of them even show signs of nervousness during one.
They do make natural herb pills for "calming" dogs down during thunder might be worth a try with Dixie at least since she seems to be the one getting the other two upset with the barking. There is also this coat type thing you can put on dogs when they are having anxiety. Something about the pressure points and how it releases endorphins into their system. I can't remember the patented name, but search "dog calming jacket" or something like that on google.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That does suck.
We haven't had any thunderstorms so far (knock on wood) so I am not sure how either of them would react. I will say I am sooooo thankful the paper guy stopped getting Gus all riled up at 5am. Gah.
Gus and Indy sleeping with us usually means that we don't sleep much. Gus gets hot and throws himself around and usually kicks Shane lol. Indy is really good, she curls up under the covers around our shoulders. :)
I am glad the restaurant job is over, I agree with Laura, you need to watch Waiting!

jsanders73 said...

Mommy doesn't let me sleep in the beg bed during the week. Something about bed hogs and noise. Beats me, I've never seen a bed hog = ) As for the storms, as long as I'm in my crate, the house could come down around me and I wouldn't hear a thing. Mommy says the blanket she puts over it must sound proof it.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi- its me tweedles
i sleep right in the bed! yup, and I lay my head right on moms arm and use it like a pillow. we stare at each other until our eyes drift off to sleep. mom likes my sniffling and snorring, and kicking. I hate thunder and will jump straight up out of the bed barking.
Happy gotca day to you guys! And I love your blog- such nice things you talk about. Besides you all are sooo cute and kissable!
I like you

Puglette said...

hi kelly! yes, all the puppies sleep in bed with us. i really worry if they don't all come to bed with us. i have been known to make my poor hubby get up to look for the missing puppy. charlie sleeps on my pillow behind my head, she is pretty good except sometimes she will kick her legs straight out and poke my head. ollie snuggles up next to hubby under the quilt and get hugged until hubby falls asleep. honey starts out in the middle and she leans really hard against me all night. honey gets really grouchy if you move and bump into her. she growls and will snap at you too. if she gets too cranky she has to get down. i know it's bad but i just love them and the snoring and kicking and growling.

we don't have many thunderstorms so the dogs do bark if it's too loud. we live near an army base and sometimes they practice bombing at night, the pugs don't like that. honey is older and has gotten used to it.
have a good weekend!