Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March in the Pugs 2009!

On Saturday, Mom and Dad took us to March in the Pugs! We were LATE since Mom and Dad stayed out late Friday for stupid JODI. When we got there, Ernie was getting ready to run a race. Guess what- he won! He sort of speed-walked to victory, go figure. Here he is with his mom!

Our buddy Lilo came too! SHE JUST STARTED A BLOG! Please go check it out and welcome her! Look at her cute nose-guard and her Hooters Girl outfit!

This bulldog, Reggie, came dressed as a pug. He looked like a FAT pug!

The Pug Posse dad got really tied up in leashes!

Mommy put our costumes on us.... we were find with this until the hats came on.

We were the Three Pugmigos again. Mom was VERY SERIOUS about us winning the costume contest for the 4th time.

Our pal Pugsley came to the contest dressed as a LION!!! Cool right! That's him with his mom!

The hats went on. Ugh. Next costumes are going to be hat-less.

Dixie and Harley wore the hats too. They fit them better but mine goes over my head too much.

This is part of our MAIN COMPETITION. This pug is Layla, she has some use of her front legs and none of her back legs. She does make a gorgeous pug-maid!

We all waited with Mommy until the group contest started.

LOOK AT THESE GUYS!!!!! They have a pug pirate, Layla the pug-maid, and then their owners are pirates too with an ocean and a ship! Who do you think won?

Before I tell you, here are some other contestants! These are the dancing pugs!

The pug pirate crew...

Ok ok we will tell you... we TIED for first place!!! Obviously the pirates tied with us. We were REALLY lucky to tie. Pee-S check out how badly I can't SEE!

Pugsley was ready to get out of his costume.

Here is a dragon!

And here's a pug from the "Chinese New Year" group!

Here's that pug pirate. He was so cute!

Eli entered in the kissing contest. They came in first place!

This is Rocco and he came in second!

Pugsley entered with Laura (Salinger's mom) and they came in third... wow did they enjoy the kissing contest!

Dixie managed to steal a rawhide for a minute!

Mommy and Daddy entered some raffles and won this Eye-Yoo basket!!!!!! We don't really get it.

Gus almost lost his Pug Posse bandana!

Here is our whole family. We love them so so much!

Harles was RUDE and tried to sit on Lilo's Mommy's lap... WHILE LILO WAS THERE!!! He was getting butt scratches though so who can blame him right?

This is Pixie... we have wrote about Pixie the Puglebrity a few times. We love when she comes out and shows people that she's around now and enjoying life because of KPR providing her surgery!

On the way home Bugg got the front seat.

And we all pretty much pooped out... especially this front seat Bugg!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for our Daddy yesterday! We had SUCH a fun day and we bought him a case of beer and a card! Mommy got him a new phone and decorated the house AND baked a cake! Maybe she'll show you guys later????

Ok peace out, time to go sleep some more!


Heather and Pumpkin said...

I'm with you on the hats! I hate wearing hats. Covering my beautiful head is a waste. But my mom has a theory. She thinks that you must have some kind of head gear going to win a costume contest for dogs. A hat or even better glasses. Every time we have lost a contest we lost to somedoggie in sunglasses.

PS I can't believe Harles would do anything rude. I'm sure he asked permission before getting in that lap.


Brill said...

I love the curled up tongue in the front seat of the car- it looks like it's about to shoot out a foot long ! LOL

Liss said...

What a great time! We wish we could have gone.

The Devil Dog said...

Phew, we're tired from all that reading. But what fun it must have been. I wish I had been there. I would have loved the race.


Pug Posse said...

Great pics! We had so much fun on Saturday and we really enjoyed visiting with our friends!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Puglette said...

what fun! so many cute pugs. all the costumes were great but i just love the bulldog in the pug suit!